Rojin - Yenden

Rojin - Yenden

Genre : Pop
  1. هەی بێنن
  2. مردن
  3. دەلی ئەیلول
  4. کۆبانی
  5. لاوکۆ
  6. میرۆ
  7. وەرە وەرە
  8. هەرشەیمی
  9. تەو وەیوێکی
  10. ییستانبلیلاکو
  11. روبوسکی
  12. ژینووه
  13. سنوور
  14. مەهاباد
  15. کەژاوە
  16. Shame
  17. ریمکیس
Rojin is from Kurdish region of Turky. Between 1982 and 1991 the performance or recording of songs in the Kurdish language was banned in Turkey, affecting singers such as Şivan Perwer, Mahsun Kırmızıgül and İbrahim Tatlıses. However a black market has long existed in Turkey, and pirate radio stations and underground recordings have always been available. Although there was no ban on performing Kurdish language music, it was effectively prevented from being broadcast on radio or television through censorship.

Some of the foremost figures in Kurdish classical music of the past century from Anatolia include Mihemed ‘Arif Cizrawî (1912–1986), Hesen Cizrawî, Şeroyê Biro, ‘Evdalê Zeynikê, Si’îd Axayê Cizîrî and the female singers Miryem Xanê and Eyşe Şan.

Şivan Perwer is a composer, vocalist and tembûr player. He concentrates mainly on political and nationalistic music – of which he is considered the founder in Kurdish music – as well as classical and folk music.

Another important Kurdish musician from Turkey is Nizamettin Arıç (Feqiyê Teyra). He began with singing in Turkish, and made his directorial debut and also stars in Klamek ji bo Beko (A Song for Beko), one of the first films in Kurdish. Arıç rejected musical stardom at the cost of debasing his language and culture. As a result of singing in Kurdish, he was imprisoned, and then obliged to flee to Syria and eventually to Germany.

هەی بێنن // روژین - -
  1. هەی بێنن // روژین - -
  2. مردن // روژین - -
  3. دەلی ئەیلول // روژین - -
  4. کۆبانی // روژین - -
  5. لاوکۆ // روژین - -
  6. میرۆ // روژین - -
  7. وەرە وەرە // روژین - -
  8. هەرشەیمی // روژین - Rojin - Yenden
  9. تەو وەیوێکی // روژین - Rojin - Yenden
  10. ییستانبلیلاکو // روژین - Rojin - Yenden