Naser Razzazi - Niaz

Naser Razzazi - Niaz

Genre : Pop
  1. سەردەمێک بوو
  2. بار مەکە
  3. بەرزی بەرزی
  4. ها دەنگ
  5. هەی ڕۆ
  6. هیلاک
  7. ساقی
  8. لە سەر بانا
Nasser Razazi (Kurdish: ناسر ڕەزازی or Nasir Rezazî; (born July 21, 1955) in Sine, Eastern Kurdistan is a Kurdish singer, poet and writer and is considered as one of the most famous and popular singers in Kurdish music and is a grand master in the tradition. His music encompasses traditional Kurdish folk songs in four different Kurdish dialects, Soranî, Kurmanji, Hewramî (Zhawaroee) and Kalhori (Southern Kurdish).

Nasser Razazi, sometimes written Nasr or Naser Rezazi or Rezazî was born to a poor family in Iran, but has lived most of his life in the Kurdish diaspora, mainly Sweden. After Saddam Hussein’s fall, he returned to live in Iraq.

In addition to singing, and since he had started his life as a school teacher, Rezazi has developed writings in Kurdish literature, helps in propagation of Kurdish language through music and poetry.

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سەردەمێک بوو // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  1. سەردەمێک بوو // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  2. بار مەکە // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  3. بەرزی بەرزی // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  4. ها دەنگ // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  5. هەی ڕۆ // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  6. هیلاک // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  7. ساقی // ناسر ڕەزازی - -
  8. لە سەر بانا // ناسر ڕەزازی - -