Aziz Sharokh - Rounak

Aziz Sharokh - Rounak

Genre : Traditional
  1. پەپوولەی خەیاڵ
  2. بەحری وان
  3. شەوە زەنگ
  4. دەڕۆم دەڕۆم
  5. بۆ شیلان و ڕووناک
  6. لە دەستی تەنیایی
  7. بێ کەلام
  8. ئاواز
  9. تابلۆی ژیان
  10. قلندرانه
Aziz Shahrokh was born in Mahabad in 1939. His grand father was from southern Kurdistan (Iraq) and his mother was from a small Kurdish village in Turkey. He is one of the most famous Kurdish vocals and singers when it comes to Ghataar.

Folk music includes both traditional music and the genre that evolved from it during the 20th century folk revival. The term originated in the 19th century but is often applied to music that is older than that. Some types of folk music are also called world music.

Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted orally, or as music with unknown composers. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. One meaning often given is that of old songs, with no known composers; another is music that has been transmitted and evolved by a process of oral transmission or performed by custom over a long period of time.

Starting in the mid-20th century a new form of popular folk music evolved from traditional folk music. This process and period is called the (second) folk revival and reached a zenith in the 1960s. This form of music is sometimes called contemporary folk music or folk revival music to distinguish it from earlier folk forms. Smaller similar revivals have occurred elsewhere in the world at other times, but the term folk music has typically not been applied to the new music created during those revivals. This type of folk music also includes fusion genres such as folk rock, folk metal, electric folk, and others. While contemporary folk music is a genre generally distinct from traditional folk music, in English it shares the same name, and it often shares the same performers and venues as traditional folk music. Even individual songs may be a blend of the two.

پەپوولەی خەیاڵ // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  1. پەپوولەی خەیاڵ // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  2. بەحری وان // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  3. شەوە زەنگ // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  4. دەڕۆم دەڕۆم // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  5. بۆ شیلان و ڕووناک // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  6. لە دەستی تەنیایی // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  7. بێ کەلام // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  8. ئاواز // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  9. تابلۆی ژیان // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -
  10. قلندرانه // عەزیز شاڕۆخ - -